Quality Control Policy

BCB SOLUCIONES LINGÜÍSTICAS GLOBALES, S.L. management applies quality control criteria to all decision-making processes, prioritising these criteria and ensuring they are adapted to the company’s context and objectives, with an emphasis on client satisfaction as a key aspect of its business strategy.

To fulfil these commitments, BCB SOLUCIONES LINGÜÍSTICAS  GLOBALES, S.L. has implemented a Quality Management System that covers the following:

  • Translation, Sworn Translation, Interpreting and Sworn Interpreting services, in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard.
  • Translation Services, in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 17100 standard.

The main aspects of the policy are to:

  • PROVIDE THE NECESSARY RESOURCES: All employees must be given the necessary means to identify and apply the established levels of quality in their work.
  • ESTABLISH OBJECTIVES AND PROGRAMMES: Make constant efforts towards continuous improvement, planning medium and long-term objectives to achieve this aim.
  • PROMOTE INNOVATION AND DEVELOPMENT: Include high levels of innovation when developing and providing services in a permanent system of continuous improvement.
  • GUARANTEE CLIENT SATISFACTION: Achieve client satisfaction by fulfilling the requirements of the services they have contracted and their intended use, and complying with any other established requirements, with an understanding that delivering work within the agreed deadline and optimising costs are key aspects of project management.
  • PREVENT ERRORS: Correct any non-conformities that may arise and emphasise prevention so that they are not repeated.
  • COMPLY WITH LEGAL REQUIREMENTS AND COMMITMENTS, AND RESPECT ETHICS AND VALUES: Be constantly aware of complying with legislation and commitments, and meeting clients’ requirements and expectations; request that collaborators and suppliers also comply with these principles.
  • ENCOURAGE STAFF INVOLVEMENT: Create a collaborative atmosphere among staff so that they are jointly committed to a common goal and improve strategies that support team-work, individual recognition and suggestions for improvement, encouraging a responsible approach through awareness and training.

These principles of the Policy have been established and disseminated by Management and they should be undertaken and implemented by all staff as one team. It will be updated and available on the company server, and shared with interested third parties (clients, external collaborators, etc.)

The Management

March 2023