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As a translation and language services company, we aim to ensure that our clients can focus on their business activity, regardless of the language in which it is performed. The key foundations of our dedicated activity are:

  • A firm commitment to what we do;
  • Efficiency at meeting our clients’ needs;
  • Strategy and preparation; 
  • Professionalism backed by extensive experience;
  • Meticulous, professional quality work certified by international standards.


As your reliable partner, we provide:

  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Punctuality
  • Commitment
  • Attention to detail
  • Planning
  • Innovation
  • Confidentiality


About us

BCB Soluciones is a professional translation, interpreting and language services company. It was founded in 2010 and is passionate about providing high quality, comprehensive solutions to its clients.

Every one of our projects adheres to our core principles of excellence in client services, the accredited professionalism of our expert linguists, and is quality certified by international ISO standards. We perform our work with a vocation for the profession and a love of languages.

Our services

Professional interpreting and translation certified by international standards


Professional translation


Interpreting at events and business meetings


Sworn translation and interpreting


Proofreading and language consultancy





Our philosophy

At BCB Soluciones, we apply an honest, transparent approach to every area of our business. The only way to build lasting client relationships is through adhering to firm principles:

  • A commitment to what we do and our work method.
  • Efficiency at meeting our clients’ needs and rigorously complying with deadlines.
  • Preparing and devising strategies to provide comprehensive solutions that meet clients’ communication needs. 
  • A large pool of expert linguists with a proven track record.
  • Highest levels of quality in all aspects, not just linguistic matters.
  • Diligence in pricing, quotes, administration and client relations.


Leading import/export company in the food sector

We needed a large volume translation into English with a very tight deadline. The speed with which BCB provided the service was key to us achieving our objective. High quality translation at the perfect time.

Spanish company working in food and nutrition research

We are extremely happy with every aspect of our relationship with BCB; quotes are fairly priced and transparent. Translations are always excellent quality and are punctually delivered within the agreed time. Texts are adapted to our specific business sector.

Specialist construction company

After several bad experiences, we have found BCB to be a serious company that responds fast and, most importantly, meets deadlines and provides quality translations. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services.

Renewable energy company

We couldn’t have had a better experience: fast, efficient, friendly communication, and high quality translations.

Leading international technology company

Working with BCB means trust. Although they aren’t actually sitting in our office, we feel like we all work together as a team. Their attention to detail makes our work far easier and helps us to achieve our goals. Our translations are complex but they are highly accurate in their use of terminology and language choices. 

Hydraulic engineering solutions company

Every time we use BCB we receive a rapid, comprehensive reply. We always receive positive feedback about the translations from our engineers, who are the end users.

Consultancy company

The work performed for our consultancy was of the highest quality and perfect for our needs. We were also extremely pleased with the speed and punctuality of their work.

International law firm

The quality of their translations is extremely good. We are given competitive deadlines, even in less than ideal circumstances.

Precision healthcare equipment manufacturer

We would simply like to congratulate you on your work. You have total control over every aspect: you instantly know the status of each project, delivery dates, invoicing status… Total efficiency and organisation. 

Scientific research centre

Every organisational aspect is clear: detailed budgets, competitive deadlines and friendly, accomplished project managers. Translations meet our expectations and they take great care over finding the most suitable terms for our field of activity.

International cosmetics brand for social media.

They couldn’t have taken greater care over the project. It gives us great peace of mind to have BCB on our side. They meet our tight publication schedule with professionalism and high-quality translations.

Simultaneous interpreting with soundproof cabin for international consultancy

The simultaneous interpreting service was faultless in both the technical and human aspects. The interpreters’ work received the commendation of the star speaker at the event.

Interpreting for training event

We’re delighted with the service and client care provided by BCB. The interpreting team had a great attitude and were extremely professional, making our lives far easier.

Consecutive interpreting for training course

Attendees at the event were hugely impressed by the remarkable work of the interpreter. A great decision.

Design company

We’d like to congratulate you on your translations in all the project’s languages, your speed and your commitment. The new collection is now on sale and has been launched at different international fairs to great public acclaim.

Marketing agency

As an international marketing company without an office in Spain, we wanted to give our client a translation that read as if it had been written in their own language. BCB made this possible and the business project was a success.

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