Specialised translation

From one professional to another: translation that works to meet your needs

Specialised translation


We’re a modern language services provider that can meet all your translation needs: audiovisual translation, website translation, technical translation, tourism translation…and much more!

Our great flexibility comes from a thorough understanding of work flows, project types and business areas in a vast assortment of companies, meaning we can apply accurate terminology so that each client feels as though the translated text is “theirs”, and adapt to the idiosyncrasies of company size and text complexity.

We offer:

  • A large pool of professionals who work in a wide variety of language combinations;
  • Native language translation and revision teams who work on each project in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 17100:2015 standards;
  • Total proficiency in the field of specialism;
  • Innovative translation tools.

International quality and translation standards: UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 17100:2015.

BCB SOLUCIONES prioritises achieving and maintaining the very highest levels of quality in its services in accordance with current quality standards and the demands of its clients.

To achieve this objective, it has an established and documented Quality Management System, enabling it to guarantee the quality of its services by applying strict quality control checks to its processes and methods.

Since 2015, when we were quality audited for the first time, an external auditor has certified our strict compliance with both standards by reviewing and updating our Translation, Sworn Translation, Interpreting and Sworn Interpreting Services, in accordance with the requirements of UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN ISO 17100:2015.

How can we help you?

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Translation and interpreting in the renewable and traditional energy fields are the order of the day. Spanish companies have a presence in practically all corners of the globe and many foreign companies have established themselves in Spain for its special natural conditions that are ideal for developing alternative energy sources.

Solicitation documents 
Specifications for the construction of power plants, wind parks and solar farms
Tender documents
Environmental statements
White papers and specialist reports


Our team of legal translators, many of them law graduates, enables us to cover commercial, corporate, industrial and intellectual property, tax, civil, real estate, employment or procedural law for the translation of contracts, judgments, rulings, decisions, resolutions and other legal documents. 

We also assist several banks and insurance companies with their balance sheets, annual accounts, reports, loss adjusters’ reports, etc.

In short, demanding sectors where accuracy and professionalism are essential.


We have a large team of technical translators who specialise in different fields of activity, from motor vehicles and submersible pumps to the development of components for computer systems and applications for the naval industry. 

We translate technical manuals for both end users and engineering companies that are Spanish subsidiaries with foreign parent companies, specifications, standards, technical data sheets for parts and components, etc. Our interpreters have extensive experience in visiting production plants, assisting with product presentations, etc., in a wide range of languages.  


Doctors, pharmacists, biologists, chemists and other healthcare industry professionals use their knowledge to translate everything from clinical analyses and patents to patient information leaflets, product instructions, scientific articles, patient anamnesis and advertising materials for drugs, etc. 


Whatever your business, in today’s globalised world, it’s vital that you leave your marketing and communications in the best possible hands.

Our specialised translators have creative profiles and extensive experience so that the work performed for your communication department loses none of its creativity and impact when translated into other languages.

Everything from advertising campaigns and press releases to news for newspaper or website publication and internal company communications via your intranet. Get the best results with the right professionals!


Technology, electronics, fashion, gadgets… The list of products on the market aimed at a variety of customer groups is endless. Many Spanish products and services are very successfully marketed abroad. Similarly, Spain is a strong market for many foreign manufacturers.

For both parties, it is essential that the target public in each country feels that the sales techniques, descriptions, catalogues and information leaflets, price sheets and order forms have been designed for them. This cannot be achieved without a trusted partner who knows the language, culture and consumer habits of the target public inside out. 


It is essential that people working in the travel and tourism sector, one of the main engines of the Spanish economy, can understand others and make themselves be understood. 

Travel agencies, hotel chains, air or sea transport companies, vehicle rental companies, among other areas of the travel and tourism sector, should never lose sight of the importance of communication with their customers and suppliers. To be able to do this, it is vital to have information in the language of people visiting your country and your collaborators, taking particular care in ensuring it is adapted to each different culture.


An exciting field where we provide services to content managers, universities and publishers. We cover everything from training courses for leading industries and distributors to newspaper articles, religious books, children’s and young adult literature, and academic research into corporate reputation: our professionals have worked with numerous publications to great success.  Just ask – we’d be delighted to provide you with any information you may need!