BCB Soluciones refreshes its corporate image and website
May, 2023
BCB Soluciones estrena imagen corporativa y página web

Welcome to our new space with our updated website and corporate image. Our translation and interpreting company has revamped its corporate image and colours with the same enthusiasm that has motivated us every day since we first started out so many years ago. After a long, comfortable spell represented by ochre and bookish imagery, we have evolved towards greener tones and linked the letters of our name, in what has felt like a natural shift. This transition resonates with the balance we now enjoy that comes with maturity, the peace-of-mind of those who we are fortunate to provide our services to and to whose communication needs we are wholly committed.

These shades of green evoke freshness, growth and energy: our germinating force to translate and interpret for our clients with the same professionalism and guarantees as always.

We would like to introduce you to this section of the blog by telling you a little bit about us, and use this space as a springboard to update you with anything new we see or do. And there is going to be plenty to talk about soon with the upcoming Asetrad conference in Gran Canaria and ANETI in Madrid. BCB Soluciones will be there. We’ll keep you posted.

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