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global language solutions

As language professionals, our great strength lies in combining experience with full command of the field required for each service. To this we should add a comprehensive customer service that goes from the first contact right up to completion of the project.

  • Translation...


    ...of texts of all kinds: legal, economic, business, advertising, technical, pharmaceutical, medical, scientific, informational, literary and many more. We also offer sworn translation in all these specializations.

    We only use expert professionals whose mother tongue is the target language, both in the translation and later proofreading process. This is essential to ensure that they have the necessary sensitivity to provide a suitably high quality service.

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  • Interpretation...


    …in all forms so that you never lose the thread of the communication.

    • Simultaneous
    • Consecutive
    • Telephone
    • Bilateral
    • Chuchotage
    • Liaison

    Our interpreters will more than fulfil the professionalism you expect thanks to their proven experience, endorsed by the sector's most prestigious organizations. You can rely on us both inside and outside of Spain.

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Additional solutions

  • Language advice and consulting...


    …we work with a living and ever-changing tool: language.

    As a team of linguists, we can help you proofread your texts (both translations and original texts), irrespective of whether it needs a spelling and grammar check, terminology check or style check; adaptations, audio and video transcriptions, etc. We offer this service in a wide range of languages.

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  • Training...


    …in languages with specific purposes as we live in a global world.

    Our teachers can go to your offices and train your collaborators in various languages when you need help with a certain area of your business structure. We adapt to students' particular requirements with complete flexibility in class times.

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  • Voice-over and voice services...


    …as times are changing and so are how companies communicate.

    You can place full trust in us to provide you with a professional service for your promotional videos or training courses. We can offer you a large range of voices adapted to meet your needs.

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